The Hiatus

February 18, 2015

The food illustrations are one thing, but the announcements here are entirely another matter: my previous was eight months ago.

I’ve completed or am in the process of completing some interesting work that’s marginally related to Oobites. The last six months I’ve gotten well into programming again, done some paid food writing, some painting commissions, and some modest travel. I’d love to detail all of these further soon.

But I think that requires some much needed updates to how Oobites itself functions and is displayed. They’ve been in the planning stages for probably two years now, but increasing the Oobites art collection itself has always been my paramount concern–which has similarly slowed to a crawl over these last months.

(Leave a tip to make it more possible if you’d like!)

There’s many better channels to see what I’m up to:

Clathrus archeri egg halved longitudinally
white chocolate rose w nutella
Botero's pear
Italian sausage pizza
burr acorn hat
egg white
Chili Bola
Mortar and Pestle
Cascara de Mani
Mango Verde con Limón y Chile

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