Butter, 1/4 lb. Stick

March 29, 2012

Butter, 1/4 lb. Stick

Butter is a solid of butterfat, milk proteins, and water.  Though it is largely fat, butter is considered dairy for the small quantity of milk solids it contains.

Butter can be made clarified by removing the water and milk solids.  This process, called rendering, heats the butter to melting and physically separating unlike layers upon cooling.  Similarly, ghee is made by heating to high enough temperatures evaporate the water and produce antioxidants and browned compounds from the milk solids.  Ghee has amazing longevity.

Clarified butter also has an increased smoke point.  Butter must be used at lower temperatures than oils like peanut oil or canola oil because of the tendency of the milk proteins to burn.

Butter can be made from the milk of many domesticated mammals, but it is largely produced from cows milk.

Butter by itself is frequently used as a condiment or spread.


  1. […] into yogurt, cheese, or kefir. The butterfat portion can be separated and recombined to produce butter, cream, or various fat fractions: whole, 2%, 1%, and […]

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