July 8, 2012


Orange (Fruit)

Oranges are a familiar sight in the U.S.  Their juice graces breakfast tables and they are available in every grocery store year-round.  There are many varieties of oranges, and production occurs in a number of locales.

The English word for the color orange was changed after introduction to this fruit.

However all of the oranges grown commercially in the States are clones grafted onto the roots of another citrus tree. Their tiny genetic diversity has rendered them in danger of disappearing from store shelves due to citrus greening disease.

Perhaps they will look more like the oranges found in Colombia.


  1. […] The zest of a citrus is the very outer portion of the fruit.  Zesting is the action of procuring the zest from said fruit. Orange zest comes from well, oranges. […]

  2. […] is Spanish for orange.  Jugo is Spanish for juice.  Jugo de naranja is orange […]

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Orange Zest

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