Awabi Nigiri

August 24, 2012

Awabi Nigiri

Awabi nigiri is a sushi dish made from abalones. This is a very clean taste that presents the meats sweet flavor reminiscent of other marine gastropods like squid and scallop. Portions also have an intermittent crunch that is likened to the texture of young jellyfish.

Live abalones may also be used.

In Japanese and a huge host of other cuisines, alternative preparations of abalones include steaming, salting, boiling, fermenting, and simmering in soy sauce.

These molluscs were commonly collected along the U.S. west coast, but legislation has since been passed that restricts the practice. Prices have soared as demand has increased during the limitation of harvesting, and now abalone farming is a viable business. The Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch lists abalone as “Best Choice” because of the widespread adoption of sustainable production methods, but marks abalone as “Avoid” from Japan and China where collection by diving is still permitted.


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