Mozzarella Ball, Small

August 8, 2012


Mozzarella balls are prepared in a number of sizes. The smallest are grape-sized balls known as bambini bocconcini; they are the “baby” version of egg-sized bocconcinis.

These smaller portions of mozzarella are already shaped for rapid inclusion in Italian dishes. When sliced or skewered with tomato and basil, mozzarella quickly becomes the finger food bruschetta. Bite sized portions may be easily added to cold pasta dishes and tastefully interrupt hot pasta dishes when added at the very end of preparation (in order to retain their shape).

Because mozzarella is a very young cheese (often prepared and served the day after its manufacture), it melts and stretches easily. Proteins remain largely unadulterated, and the taste of the fresh cow or buffalo milk remains prominent. Mozzarella may also be preserved with refrigeration, in a brine, or coated in olive oil.

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