Cocoa Pâte Sablée

April 28, 2013

Pâte sablée is the most caloric-intensive of the French shortcrusts.  Like a  pâte à foncer, a pâte sablée stands near the half-fat-to-flour ratio and does not include a leavening agent.

Fat and flour must be combined before the introduction of liquid ingredients.  French shortcrusts get their crumbly texture by preventing the proteins and carbohydrates of the flour to unfold and hold to one another.  Flour in water tends to form a network of  interconnections between starch granules.  Flour well-coated in fat or oil, but not overworked so as to lengthen gluten molecules, is the secret to a shortcrust.

Cocoa pâte sablée:

Cook times depend on crust thickness, but 10 min. at 350F should complete a 1/4″ crust.


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