May 29, 2013

The apricot is a stone fruit that has been cultivated for so long that its difficult to pinpoint its region of origin.

Stone fruits get their name from their single large pit at the center of the fruit.  The pit of the apricot is particularly prized for its sweet and floral almond-like taste.  Apricot pits are pressed for oil or extracts, but they do contain trace amounts of hydrogen cyanide.  Typical quantities of consumption are unlikely to result in toxicity.

The fruit itself is a drupe (like a peach but smaller) that is orange-yellow and tinged red on the side facing the sun.  They are typically drier than peaches and plums and taste milder.  Apricots range from tasting sweet to sour.

There are over 50 varieties of apricots.  They tend to grow well in Mediterranean climates.

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