Pullman Loaf

May 31, 2013

A pullman loaf is a bread baked in a square lidded pan. The sealed pan prevents the bread from developing a crust.

The bread adopted the “Pullman” name as their shape lent utility within the Pullman kitchen aboard trains with meal service. Twice as many pullman loaves could fit in the same space as their unstackable kin.

This style of cooking bread existed well before the Pullman Company. The French refer to the loaf as pain de mie. Pain de mie is a sweeter than most French breads, but is still less sweet as the common sliced American sandwich loaf that is modeled after the pullman.

This particular pullman loaf came from the helpful folks at Easy Tiger in downtown Austin, TX. This loaf measured 4″ x 4″ x 16″ and weighed 20 pounds.

Well, not exactly, but it was heavy.

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