Chontaduros, Green

July 24, 2013


Chontaduros are the fruit of the Bactris gasipaes palm.  The fruit is a drupe with an edible flesh surrounding a single central seed.  When ripe the exterior is either red, orange, or yellow–depending on the specific variety.

The edible pulp is typically stewed in-rind for a long period of time in salt water.  The taste and texture has been likened to a dry squash or a sweet potato that lacks the sweetness.  The interior is also edible raw.

Chontaduros may be a replacement for palm hearts from the threatened Fiji Sago Palm.

Because of their large geographical distribution, these fruits have many names. It is here in Colombia (and Ecuador) that they are known as chontaduros.  These two in particular are a little beaten up and a little under-ripe, but perhaps that why they were on a display only in the Centro Comercial Atlantis in the Zona Rosa of Bogotá.

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