July 17, 2013


Uchuvas are a common fruit in Colombia.  They have a wide distribution worldwide and have many names.

Uchuvas come wrapped in a papery calyx much like their close relative the tomatillo.  Distant relatives include tomatoes, egg plants, and other nightshades.

Despite their savory relatives, uchuvas are sweet when ripe and are eaten as a fruit rather than a vegetable.  They are eaten raw, but can be turned into deserts, drinks, jams, or used as a garnish.

The uchuvas illustrated here accompanied the Colombian spirit Aguardiente at Treffen on the Septima in the Chapinero barrio in Bogotá.  Treffen also supplies limes to chase the liquor, but the uchuvas taste better in addition to being tart.

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  1. […] are another sweet solanum consumed explicitly as a fruit (see uchuvas).  Contrast to tomatoes or tomates de arbol (or variant) for nightshades that cannot decide […]

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