October 2, 2013


To adopt the accurate vernacular: beet refers to the plant Beta vulgaris.  The edible taproot is known as a beetroot.  But the whole of B. vulgaris is edible: the taproot, the stems, and the leaves above.

As an interesting aside: beets are related to the leafy green vegetable chard.

The beet is important historically.  It was first domesticated near the Mediterranean as the first civilizations took root. Cultivation spread along established trade routes.  Look to Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean, Eastern European, and African cuisine for a number of techniques for cooking beets.

This beet came greens-and-all with a CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden.  The pickup location was at the Swoop House on Austin’s East Side.

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  1. […] de betterave is a cold, cream-based beetroot […]

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