Empanada Caleña

October 16, 2013

(Alternatively referred to as an empanada valluna.)

Empanada is really more of a technique than a specific food item.  In Colombia, the empanada exterior can be made from corn flour or wheat flour.  Some are specifically puff pastry.  Yuca and indigenous pseudocereals see some use as well.  Their contents vary even more widely.

All empanadas have a quantity of filling rolled into a triagular or near-triangular shape before cooking.

Their definition starts to clarify as the region of origin is narrowed.  Empanadas caleñas–or empanadas from Cali in Colombia–are always made from corn flour and fried.  Cheese and/or shredded meats and sometimes yuca are used as filling, but these are not stringent limitations. The presence of potato in the filling however does define them.

Colombian cities host a chain of restaurants called K-listo–where everything is caleño.  Bogotá is no exception.  This emapanada was filled with shredded beef and came on a plate with four others with varied fillings at the Zona Rosa location.

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  1. […] no nomenclature to start from. I’d asked if the corn-based empanadas we were eating were empanadas caleñas (empanadas from Santiago de Cali), he said it’s best to refer to them as empanadas […]

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