Pea Eggplants

October 17, 2013

Pea eggplants are the fruits of Solanum torvum, a Solanaceae perennial.  From Wikipedia:

It is also known as Devil’s Fig, Prickly Nightshade, Shoo-shoo Bush, Wild Eggplant, [turkey berry], Pea Aubergine, susumba, boo, terongan, tekokak, berenjena cimarrona, berenjena de gallina, berenjena silvestre, tabacón, pendejera, tomatillo, bâtard balengène, zamorette, friega-platos, sundaikkai, Thibbatu, makhua phuang (Thai: มะเขือพวง), and many other names.

They have the advantage of fruiting quickly and being very easy to grow.  Their roots are super hardy and disease resistant.  Eggplants proper are often grafted to S. torvum rootstock to allow them to fruit into two seasons.

Today the plant has an immense distribution; half is the result of human intervention, and the other half is due to its tendency to spread rapidly.

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