Shiitakes, Three

February 20, 2014

three shiitakes

Mushrooms in general are composed of mainly water by weight.  When fresh mushrooms are cooked, they will release this water concentrating their flavor.  However, if too many mushrooms crowd the cooking surface, this water will collect to turn the cooking mushrooms into mush.

Keep mushrooms from touching one another while cooking.  This allows excess water to evaporate.  With less ambient water present, mushrooms will brown rather than steam.

These rules apply to roasting, searing, or sautéing all fresh mushrooms.

The cultivation of shiitakes has been firmly developed, but the slow process and initial investments (time included) hold would-be entrants to shiitake markets to modest production rates.

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  1. […] Shiitakes have a savory taste when sauteed fresh.  They can also be reconstituted after drying and will carry the taste of their hydrating fluid. This notion applies to raw mushrooms too, though there are some subtleties when cooking fresh shiitakes. […]

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