Maya Bar

April 2, 2014

Maya bar

The inclusion of cricket flour warranted Maya bars to be featured at the Austin Future Food Salon put on by Alimentary Initiatives of Toronto and Little Herds of Austin. They are produced by Get Nativ.

Get Nativ prides itself on its all organic ingredients and its reach back to past Mesoamerican cultures for a unique set of ingredients.  In addition to crickets, the Maya bar in particular is made from cashew butter, honey, popped amaranth, toasted pumpkin seeds, raw cacao powder, breadnut, coconut butter, chia seeds, and vanilla.  The result is a wonderfully floral, surprisingly tart combination of this hugely diverse set of ingredients.

These bars also sneak a colossal amount of protein and dietary fiber into your diet without soy or wheat.

The Austin Future Food Salon was housed by Brazos Hall in dowsntown Austin on February 19th, 2014.  The next Future Food Salon occurs in Montreal in August 2014.

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