Chocolate Santafereño

May 30, 2014

chocolate santafereño

Chocolate santafereño refers to hot chocolate paired with cheese–usually queso doble crema. The cheese is often broken into small pieces before being immersed in the beverage.  They end up slightly melted in the bottom of the cup and may be eaten at any point with a spoon.  If the hot chocolate is made with cocoa powder, the cheese can collect any undissolved cocoa.

Bogotá used to be known as Santa Fe where this beverage was popularized, though it can be enjoyed in all of Colombia.

The molinillo, omnipresent in Colombia, is necessary to prepare this hot beverage.

This chocolate santafereño is paired with Colombian pan rollo and was found near to Parque de los Novios in Bogotá.

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  1. […] Florida is this bakery’s take on the classic Chocolate Santafereño. Here, Colombian hot chocolate is served with bread of your choosing (either pan blandito or pan […]

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