Feijoa Variants

May 21, 2014

feijoa variants

Feijoas take a few different forms, but the most common shape is illustrated in front. A perfectly round feijoa is pretty rare to encounter; they are most often ovoid or oblong.

Because a sphere would be the greatest ratio of volume relative to surface area, round feijoas should be prized: seasoned feijoa-eaters frequently discard the skin and bite out the interior. Pine and sour flavors predominate in the skin while notes of strawberry, banana, and other tropical fruits mark the sweeter interior.


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  1. […] Guayabas are Colombia’s greatest contribution to the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae) genus Psidium. Psidium includes around 100 species of fruit-bearing shrubs and small trees. Genus Acca was formerly included in Psidium and contains another Colombian fruit, the feijoa. […]

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