Mid 2014

June 30, 2014

Oobites continues to collect my food (and food-related) illustrations from my travels and my interests and pairs them with short articles. On the location-based posts, maps display where exactly I encountered or ate the item.

I’ve been aware for some time now that my last news post on Oobites was from February.  At that time, I was doing some coverage on entomophagy in New Orleans, Toronto, and Austin, TX; that project is still moving forwards intermittently (visible under the Insect category), but my focus has drastically changed since.

Hence this mid 2014 update.

I’ve been in Colombia now for two months living in Bogotá, Choachi, and Villa de Leyva. The last time I was in Colombia, I lived in Bogotá only with a short trip to the Caribbean coast. Since I spend so much time in the capital, illustrations from the entirety of Colombia are collected under “Bogotá.” Compared to my last trip, the illustrations from the last two months are very fruit, vegetable, and mushroom-heavy. I’ve been volunteering outside of the cities in permaculture-related construction projects. Some local dishes find their way into the collection, but I’ve adopted more of a naturalist bent with the subjects I’ve chosen to illustrate this time.

For more information on my travels and construction projects, watch my personal Tumblr. It’s also a good spot to view works in progress, other projects I like, and demonstrations of my process.

That being said, check out my Vimeo for time-lapse illustrations set to music.

Oobites’ Tumblr details the stories behind the illustrations. Right now I’m going through all my mushroom-related illustrations which ties in perfectly to my travels in Colombia.

Check out my prints on Society6.

I’ve also installed a tip jar following the articles on every page. To those that have donated, thank you.

The beginning of July will include more digital paintings of Colombian fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms mixed with illustrations I’ve been trying to complete since my last computer died. I also want to better represent some of the restaurants I’ve visited in my two favorite cities: Bogotá and Villa de Leyva.

July culminates with a international gathering of permaculture projects in Proyecto Gaia near Villa de Leyva. After that I’ll be heading to Guatemala to visit some related projects near Antigua and work out of Cobán.

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