Reishi with Section

June 29, 2014

Reishi with Section

Ganoderma lucidum is known as reishi or lingzhi in Japan and China respectively. In both countries this mushroom has been used medicinally for centuries, and now Western medicine is taking notice. (Visit the previous Reishi article for more info.)

Reishis are woody polypores not suitable for direct consumption. The one pictured here shows a relatively elongated stalk prior to the shelf that usually composes the majority of the woody fruiting body. Also illustrated is a section showing the mushroom’s fascinating internal structure.

Elevated carbon dioxide levels can cause stem elongation in reishis. Certain environmental conditions can even cause the mushroom to abandon its normal umbrella shape and take on a deer antler-like morphology.

Reishis grow as both parasitic and saprotropic mushrooms on a wide variety of trees. As a consequence, reishis can be cultivated indoors or outdoors on logs or woodchip beds.

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