Velvet Pippionos

June 21, 2014

velvet pippionos

The pioppinos illustrated above were shade-grown mushrooms outdoors.  As is the case with mushrooms grown indoors with frequent air exchanges, they are elongated rather than squat.  Though the genetics of the particular strain has the greatest effect on morphology when mature, it’s believed that higher levels of CO2 produce longer, thinner stems.

Elongation of fruiting bodies with elevated levels of CO2 is used to produce flushes with a consistent appearance in other commercially cultivated species as well.

Pioppinos are primarily cultivated for markets in Japan, Korea, China, and Australia where they are also used medicinally: they possess antioxidant indole derivatives, anticancer cylindan, and antifungal agrocybenine.

Other names: black poplar mushrooms, swordbelts, and Agrocybe aegerita.

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