Chili Burguesa

July 29, 2014

Chili Burguesa

Hamburgesas from Colombia taste great–but are a little different than U.S. standard. Here in Guatemala however, the close proximity to the States and perhaps more the discerning palates of tourists result in a hamburger patty that is not only authentic, but above-the-cut as hamburgers go. Perfectly seasoned, this chili burgesa brings a touch of fire to the tongue.

These tomatoes are absolutely stunning: beautiful red with a slight floral taste. Not-pictured: optional cheese melted to the top of the patty.

The hamburger illustrated above was served with chili powdered-fries from from D’Noz immediately off the ferry in San Pedro in Guatemala.  They have a great view of the lake and the sunset into the mountains. They also put on a whole menu of fish specials on Friday night.

There are others that crisscross Lake Atitlán from one pueblo to another, but this ferry came from Panahachel.

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