Chucula (in Plantain Leaf)

July 7, 2014

Chucula in Plantain Leaf

Chucula refers to unsweetened chocolate rolled into a ball. Chocolate delivered in this form is completely without preservatives, but it does require reconstitution before consumption. The most common way is to dissolve it into hot water to make hot chocolate. Sweeten your beverage with panela.

The illustration above depicts eight servings wrapped in a dried plantain leaf.

This chucula and other artisan products are sold in Organicos Villa Aurora in Villa de Leyva. It occupies the same building as the Servientrega.

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  1. […] dried plantain leaf enveloped a ball of chucula that was sold in Organicos Villa Aurora in Villa de Leyva. They sell a bunch of artisan products […]

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