Dried Plantain Leaf

July 11, 2014

Dried Plantain Leaf

Plantain and banana leaves are excellent packaging. Not only are they without industrial processes in their production, but they are an incidental result of food production.

Plantain and banana trees are not really trees but are the largest herbaceous flowering plants. In these plants, a psuedostem results from leaves emerging from the ground. This stem-like supporting structure is what makes banana and plantain plants look like trees, but it is actually petiole after petiole widening into sheaths that layer upon one another. Because banana and plantain leaves come in two parts, the petiole and the blade, the continuous production of leaves has two results: one, the psuedostem becomes thicker, and two, leaf blades are constantly shed.

These leaves may as well be used for packaging.

This dried plantain leaf enveloped a ball of chucula that was sold in Organicos Villa Aurora in Villa de Leyva. They sell a bunch of artisan products made from foodstuffs grown in the area. It occupies the same building as the Servientrega.

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