Eucalyptus Leaves, Juvenile

July 5, 2014

Young Eucalyptus Leaves

The appearance of eucalyptus leaves depends on whether the parent tree is juvenile or mature.  Illustrated here is a set of leaves from a juvenile Blue Gum eucalyptus tree about 10 feet tall. Young leaves may grace trees over 30 ft. in height.

Tea made from young eucalyptus leaves has a slight yellow tint. The flavor of eucalyptus oil is most prevalent and they have a much brighter, spicier, and overall intense flavor.  The tea has a camphoraceaous aroma.

The tea is made to soothe the sinuses or ease sore throats. Even though eucalyptus oil is poisonous, it is impossible to encounter a harmful dose by consumption of the tea alone.

The said eucalyptus tree was in a tightly planted nursery near Choachi in Colombia.

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  1. […] the mature and juvenile leaves can be used to make a tea, though there are differences in the beverage that results; mature leaves […]

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