Pan Dedito

July 25, 2014

Pan Dedito

Un dedito is a thin, finger-shaped (hence the name), cheese-stuffed bread. The illustration above is based on one purchased near the beach in Taganga, Colombia.  The one-woman stand was complete with wheels, fruits, and an umbrella.

The wheat-based dough that surrounds the[, here, small] portion of cheese is cooked by deep frying. The result is a tougher exterior and a lightly baked interior. When fresh, the dough and cheese inside still possess a tender stretchiness. Water loss will turn these things into hard, dry digits if purchased too late in the day. Rather than use a mobile fryer, the stand where this dedito originated opted to acquired them already cooked elsewhere.

Deditos are common on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, and variations extend into Venezuela.

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