Queso Pera

July 9, 2014

Queso Pera

Queso pera (Spanish: “pear cheese”) is a type of Colombian cheese predominantly produced in the Caribbean region.

Because this cheese is unaged with a lower fat content, it has a very weak flavor. The stringy proteins are the predominant facet of queso pera; While acid is added, the milk is spun to create a network of proteins rather than discrete curds. When pulled apart, the cheese tears rather than crumbling or splitting.

The acid comes from the metabolization of the original milk’s sugars by local strains of Lactobacillus bacteria. Their action raises the temperature, and the spinning of the mixture serves to ensure that both the temperature and presence of the intended bacteria is uniform throughout.

Queso pera is not sweet and is less sour than queso doble crema.

This tiny portion of queso pera was eaten at Hostal Rana in Villa de Leyva.

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