Tomate de Arbol, Ripe

July 13, 2014

Ripe Tomate de Arbol

A tomate de arbol is a solanum that grows native to Colombia. Like a tomato, a tomate de arbol may be used as a fruit or a vegetable. Unlike tomatoes, the parent plant is a tree rather than a vine, and they produce fruits for up to 12 years rather than a single season. These fast growing trees may reach 16 feet (5 meters) in height, but are often trimmed or otherwise bound to ease fruit collection.

Other names include the tomarillo, tamamoro, or tree tomato.

This tomate de arbol in particular came from a finca near Choachi in Colombia with an orchard of tomate de arbol trees. See it cut in half.


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  1. […] de arbol are eaten when ripe. Bright red or deep red with a yellow interior, these tomato relatives taste like a cross between kiwis and […]

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