Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid

July 14, 2014

Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lid

Mason jars come in a bunch of volumes, but they also have two distinct “mouth” sizes too. The wide mouth illustrated here oftentimes has greater utility. In the half-pint sized jars, both the wide mouth and regular varieties will have an opening that is wider than the largest point of the jar. However, in pint sizes and larger, the regular mouth size is narrower than the widest point of the jar. Depending on the desired use or contents, sometimes this causes a restriction in emptying the jar.

Mason jar lids come in two parts. The metal ring is used to press down on the lid as it tightens. The lids often come shipped with a thin plastic layer where it comes in contact with the top of the glass jar. These lids are meant to be used once for canning and are sold separately. The rings may be used repeatedly.

If not used for canning the lids may be used and reused. Even for canning it may be possible to reuse a lid, but a perfect seal is not guaranteed.

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