August 6, 2014


Hot chocolate available in stores may contain a number of emulsifiers, flavor and color compounds, preservatives, gums, texturturizing carbohydrates, partially hydrogenated oils, and milk derivatives. Chucula contains roasted cacao, beans, and grains.

Even still store-bought chucula may only be cocoa and toasted corn flour. The original chucula calls for 7 different plant seeds: fava beans, wheat, corn, garbanzo beans, barley, peas, and lentils. All seeds are roasted then ground before being added to a mix of water and cocoa powder. Ground cinnamon and cloves add a bit of variety. Sometimes panela is added, but it may be omitted to allow the consumer to sweeten to taste. When thoroughly combined, the mix is rolled into balls and allowed to dry hard.

The illustration above depicts eight servings.  Break then dissolve in hot water or milk for hot chocolate.

This chucula and other artisan products are sold in Organicos Villa Aurora in Villa de Leyva. You can find it in the same building as the Servientrega.

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