Fava Beans, Roasted and Shelled

August 8, 2014

Roasted Fava Beans

Fava beans are prepared a number of ways, but this method produces a gently chewy, airy finger food. The beans themselves are roasted free from their pods. The thin skin that covers the beans dries and is easily winnowed away. The result is a thin, chip-like bite with a greater dose of protein than would be expected from similar snack foods.

Guatemalan street carts sell these by the scoop with the option of adding limón, sal, or pepitos. In the locales frequented by tourists, there are ample opportunities to buy bags of roasted or raw nuts or beans. Antigua is no exception; these fava beans were purchased mixta with macadamia nuts, fried fava beans, and pistachios in front of Convento Santa Clara. Across the street is Tanque La Unión where couples are kissing all day.

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  1. […] may only be cocoa and toasted corn flour. The original chucula calls for 7 different plant seeds: fava beans, wheat, corn, garbanzo beans, barley, peas, and lentils. All seeds are roasted then ground before […]

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