Mango Verde con Limón y Chili

August 15, 2014


Mango Verde con Limón y Chile

Commonly mangoes are eaten when ripe. Sweet and floral tastes spring from their deep orange flesh. Smaller and firmer, young mangoes are still edible, but their flavor is much subdued. For this reason salt, lime juice, and chili powder are optional but common accoutrements. The slices illustrated here are adorned with the latter two.

Un quetzal [guatemalteco] gets you a bag filled with green mango slices. A single mango is not enough to fill these bags so at least two mangoes are requisitioned for their sour mango meat. The bags always include one larger slice that includes a mango pit.

The Guatemalan quetzal is so named for the feathers of the bird of the same name that were once used as currency in precolonial Guatemala. Paper bill quetzales are further subdivided by 100 into centavos with the 1 centavo coin being the smallest coin in circulation. Though in San Pedro, the 10 centavo coin tends to be the smallest coin encountered.

These mango slices came from a two-woman duo simultaneously selling roasted chickpeas in San Pedro on Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán.

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