December 27, 2014


Creton is a pork lard spread popular in Québec. It’s ubiquitous for breakfast and is a delicious alternative to butter on toast.

It’s high [animal] fat content makes it especially undesirable since the vilification of fats in general in North American diets, but creton is actually made from meat. Preparation involves simmered ground pork butt reduced in volume by low heat that slowly eliminates any water. The rendered fats found in the meat and marrow smooth the texture, and the connective tissue in the latter gelatinize for added structure.

Popularly it’s eaten with plain yellow mustard–which is another odd presence at the breakfast table to the greater part of North America.

Though creton can be found any breakfast-serving restaurant (and most Québécois are likely to keep a quantity in the fridge at all times), the portion illustrated above came from Restaurant Eggsquis in Levi just south of Québec city.


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