Italian Sausage Pizza

December 20, 2014

Italian sausage pizza

This Italian sausage pizza is from Cossetta’s in St. Paul. Cossetta’s is a St. Paul institution open for over a century. Those that work in the area or those more distant that have this specific craving travel over the workweek’s established lunch hour to acquire this or the other three daily pizza offerings.

This pizza’s sausage has a phenomenal flavor and a grand enough size that each bit may be colossally appreciated. The plastic cutlery is as useful as it is flimsy: this is a tender crust has an exterior that still requires the serrated edge of the included knife. Soft but toothy at the edge, Cossetta’s crust takes full advantage of the high oven temperature required to produce pies as amazing as the one pictured.

(To those reading this from Minnesota’s metro: there’s no new information for you to peruse here; you already know.)

Fighting for parking outside and seating inside used to be the charm of the place, but thank the gods their renovations in the last few years have significantly expanded their available seating.

Parking will continue to be an issue, but the newly established Green Line is another godsend. Welcome to the future St. Paul and Cossetta’s.

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