Pera de Botero

February 12, 2015

Botero's pear Like many of his other oil paintings, Botero’s pear is of enormous proportions. Fernando Botero is a Medellín painter-sculptor famous for, well… fat people.

That’s a gross oversimplification to be sure. His figures are exaggerated in proportion and roundness, but some features remain diminutive. The subjects of his portraits have very round and smooth faces, but their eyes, noses, mouths, and ears remain comically tiny. Similarly, if the silverware included in his painting (that was used as a reference for this illustration) is any indication of size, Botero’s pear is around four feet tall, but the thin stem is unlikely to have been able to grow this fruit to its enormity.

As of this writing, Pera is viewable at the Museo de Botero in Bogotá’s centro.

Actually three museums are connected in the same building: Money House Museum, Botero Museum, and Republic Bank Museum. Together they seem very money-centric, but Money House Museum holds the history of the bills and coins in Colombia, and Republic Bank Museum is a modern art museum sponsored by the bank.

Their names probably sound better in Spanish.

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