Brioche aux Pralines

April 6, 2015


This brioche aux pralines was baked and sold at a boulangerie in Gometz-le-Châtel outside of Paris.

The sweet pink or red syrup comprises the praline aspect that is more characteristic of Lyon. Housing the coarsely chopped almonds required of [European] pralines, this colored mixture often giving this dish the moniker of brioche aux pralines roses or rogues.

This baked good had a shape and texture eerily similar to Colombian bread pan de coco, though the exterior of this almond-augmented confection utilizes an egg wash to better brown the crust.

The texture of brioches in general is durable yet soft enough to gently give away to the teeth. Their ample use of egg proteins creates a structure is able to hold stuffing or soups without breaking down. Such dishes may be savory or sweet–as is the case with the subject of the illustration above.

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