Groseilles Rouges

May 19, 2015

Groseilles Rouges

Groseilles rouges are a common fruit in the French springtime. The “red” or rouges descriptor is necessary; these fruits come in a variety of colors: white (the same species Ribes rubrum), black (R. nigrum), or green (R. uva-crispa). In France the latter two go by the names le groseillier noir and le groseillier à maquereau respectively.

In general, the fruits of Ribes species are quite tart, and red currants are especially so. They may be eaten raw but are often made into confitures or sauces for pastries and meat dishes alike. The fruits contain nearly the same quantity of vitamin C as oranges and are a good source of flavonoids.

In Québec, this fruit is known under the name gadelles or, less frequently, guédelles. In the rest of Canada and the States, this fruit goes by “redcurrant” or “red currant.” There, related species and varieties include white currants, blackcurrants, and gooseberries.

The bunch of groseilles rouges illustrated above came from the Simply Market in April near the Hacquinière Station of the Paris’s RER.

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