Using Reddit Before Visiting a New Place

July 28, 2015

Jumping around the world, I’m constantly terrified before visiting new places. Research helps–though I don’t know if it’s learning about the place or if its the action itself.

Regardless, the hive knowledge of Reddit is a great asset, but the divergent conversations there can be nonsensical at its best and outright disparaging at its worst. Feel free to steer the conversation by asking questions. It helps to have decent karma by posting useful information elsewhere–the number of posts and comments you may place will be limited if you have none–which comes from regular use of the site.

But if your question has already been fielded, a quick search can give answers even faster. (Plus, redditors are notorious for destroying ignorant posters who can’t look to the sidebars to see frequently asked questions or popular links that may already answer your question.) The search within Reddit itself is of marginal utility; instead, try using Google with the site operator. Example:

where to find Mexican ingredients in Montreal

Google organizes the threads a little better, and the exact answer you seek may even appear right in the search results.

Then there’s Meta Reddit; this site makes searching the individual subreddits a little easier. (Update: loaded with less-than-reputable ads as of 6/1/16.) A search there will match subreddits based on your query. There’s going to be a lot of them to wade through, but a larger subreddit title indicates greater community activity. Resist the urge to click on the many random subreddits that catch your interest (that can’t be real / whoa, no way / that’s a subreddit??) and you’re on your way.

If you’ve already found a pertinent subreddit, the first technique can be modified like so:

where to find Mexican ingredients

Then you can find Mexican ingredients in Montreal!

Or you could always just like, ask people.

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