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September 8, 2015

White Flour Pile

“White flour” typically refers to wheat flour that has the germ and bran removed to result in a light powder with a uniform white color. Both the color and lightness of the final flour may be increased by the presence of bleaching or maturing agents.

Wheat flours like this offer a much increased shelf life; the absence of the fat-containing germ means no oxidizable plant oils are present to give resulting food products a rancid flavor.

White flours are also prized for their workability and contribution to the many desirable characteristics of the baked goods that use white flour-based dough.

There are a number of different wheat flours that fall under the “white flour” heading that find utility in a huge number of different applications, but the same qualities that make white flours suitable for these tasks have also called their nutritional value into question.

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