Suillellus Queletii

October 16, 2015

Suillellus queletii

Suillellus queletii is a mushroom-producing fungus formerly grouped into the bolete genus as Boletus queletii. Currently:

  • Species: aueletii
  • Genus: Suillellus
  • Family: Boletaceae

While not much of an species-identifying feature, the flesh of this mushroom bruises blue. As with many mushrooms in family Boletaceae, pressure or tears along both the mushroom’s cap and stalk will quickly take on blue-black color. Nice thing though: no boletes are known to be deadly.

Boletaceae are described by their spore-containing pores–rather than gills–along the underside of the cap. In S. queletii these pores are yellow and rough in appearance. The top of the cap may be a number of colors: yellow, orange, tan and red have all been recorded. The stalk is smooth and yellow, but a region near the ground is red in color–one of the better identifying features of this mushroom.

The Suillellus genus was first described in 1909 by Dr. William Alphonso Murrill. The genus was later subsumed into Boletus, but molecular phylogenetics showed enough genetic variation between the two genera to warrant separate lineages as recent as 2014.

S. queletii near-exclusively grows in Europe. Even there it is considered an uncommon find and endangered in the Czech Republic.

This specimen was found on a hike south of Quillan in France in early April, 2015.

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