Aquamarine Elfcup

December 22, 2016

…or green elfcup depending on your vision, I suppose.

Chlorociboria aeruginascens has a number of other names depending on its locale: green wood cup, pézize devenant vert-de-gris in France, grüner holzbecherling in Germany, or zöld facsészegomba in Hungary.

All names mean pretty much the same thing: these little guys (1 – 5mm) are kinda green with a beaker or cup shape. (The French pézize is more mycologically descriptive [Wikipedia].) The wealth of nomenclature of this fungus is a testament to its distribution; that said, they are much more common in Europe than North America.

C. aeruginascens is not edible, but growing mycelium produces a color change as it travels through its fallen wood food source. The blue-green quinone pigment xylindein remains in the wood despite the difficulty in actually spotting the fruiting bodies. “Green oak” was espcially prized for wooden crafts or veneers.

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