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January 27, 2017

I’m back in Colombia. It’s my third time and my first time with a pretty decent command of Spanish. I’ve been too excited to examine the language learning progress because now I’m able to drop into a Spanish-speaking city and just enjoy!

I just arrived at Bogotá’s Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado yesterday and ran into the town after dropping off my stuff. I’m cheating a bit because the average visitor to the city probably wouldn’t be able to get around quite as well as me, but I grabbed buses in the two different systems (both the Transmilenio and collectivos) and made it to the Centro and neighborhood Chapinero. I’ve got a few goals in mind, but they really don’t extend much past bothering Colombians for conversation.

As I’m running around I’m doing so with a smile on my face. There’s a very good possibility that I look crazy, and I half feel like grabbing people, shaking them, and yelling, “Bogotá is the best city in the world!” (Bogotá es el mejor ciudad en el mundo!) I do this sometimes but only after I’m in conversation. And no yelling. Some yelling, because American.

Other highlights include asking people if they want un dibjuo (a drawing) whenever they hand me a credit card receipt and shopping for a book in Spanish: No puedo leer pero quiero un libro que parece cool a las mujeres. / I can’t read, but I want a book that looks cool to women. I think my Spanish is pretty poor at times, but I’m having fun, and the citizenry are really responding well to the constant joking around.

I may expound on my attitude towards language learning, but I’d really like this post to be an introduction to a series I’ll create in the coming days. I’m going to be in Colombia for a month at least, and I quite like this country. If I could tell a little advice on how to get here, or how to get around, or just stories, I think that would be nice.

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  1. […] alluded to the experience and knowledge I’d gained over my previous Colombian trips in the previous post, but I haven’t actually been to a great many places here. It turns out that I’m not […]

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