The food scene in Austin, TX includes historic favorites and food-sexy newcomers. The cuisine here finds its roots in Mexican, Texas BBQ, Tex-Mex, cowboy chow, and German and Czech settlers. But these days, the massive influx of transplants and their varied tastes makes it impossible to classify the city culinarily. Any evidence of Austin’s origins are much too watered down. But in this case, wasting time on nostalgia slows sampling of the many tastes of Austin.

Cevice Cabillaud
burr acorn hat
Chapul Bites
Cricket Slider
Chocolate Chirp Cookie
Naked and Raw Burr Acorn
Mealworm Uramaki with Cricket-pecan Topping
pate la V
Saumon Marine
Veloute de Betterave
Bug Soup
Maya bar

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