July 4, 2011


Cream is milk with an especially high butterfat content.

In industrial production, cream is separated based on density using centrifuges.  The lighter fat fraction easily separates from the water fraction when spun.

Grass-grazed cattle accumulate plant-produced carotenoids in the milk they produce.  These pigment compounds better dissolve in the lipid portion of the milk leading to a slight yellow hue when concentrated in the cream–hence the off-white color, cream.

This illustration contributed to the production of the video “Gluten in the Baking Process” found here. The video was featured by the good people at Better Engineers, a now-defunct online magazine for engineers and scientists.


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  3. […] yogurt, cheese, or kefir. The butterfat portion can be separated and recombined to produce butter, cream, or various fat fractions: whole, 2%, 1%, and […]

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