Queso Doble Crema

July 20, 2013


Queso doble crema is a common cheese in Colombia.  The doble crema refers to the addition of cream to whole milk before being treated with rennin to create a cheese with elevated milkfat.

These slices were purchased at Quesos Boyaca in the Normadia barrio of Bogotá.

Center map



  1. […] santafereño refers to hot chocolate paired with cheese–usually queso doble crema. The cheese is often broken into small pieces before being immersed in the beverage.  They end up […]

  2. […] Queso pera is not sweet and is less sour than queso doble crema. […]

  3. […] Chocolate Florida is this bakery’s take on the classic Chocolate Santafereño. Here, Colombian hot chocolate is served with bread of your choosing (either pan blandito or pan francés–as pictured here) and queso doble crema. […]

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