Baker’s Yeast Block

September 28, 2013

bakers yeast block

Baker’s yeast refers to compressed volumes of huge quantities of live yeast.  It may also be referred to as “cake yeast,” “compressed yeast,” or “fresh yeast” only.

Manufactured yeasts are grown in a nutrient-heavy aqueous suspension.  Baker’s yeast is made by taking aside a yeast-heavy region of this suspension then removing most of the water.  The result is a solid composed largely of yeasts and some of the growth medium.

Bakery-scale production of bread sometimes prefers the introduction of yeast cultures as wrapped blocks of baker’s yeast. Because of their terribly perishable nature, these blocks are not conducive for baking in-home.

This illustration contributed to the production of the video “Gluten in the Baking Process” found here. The video was featured by the good people at Better Engineers, a now-defunct online magazine for engineers and scientists.

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