Carne Llanera

September 16, 2013


The llanera refers to the plains Colombia where this dish is popularly produced and consumed.  Cattle graze on the grass on the ranches around Villavicencio.  Their meat, the strong sunshine and warm weather fuel the constant barbecue in the area.

Preparation is simple, but showy.  Large pieces of meat hung over rebar encircle wood-fed fires.

It isn’t just muscle meat either.  Cooked pieces of cow teat also grace the plate.

When it comes time to serve, the pieces are sliced and thrown on plates over a few potatoes or a piece of yuca prepared in a similar manner.  The vegetables are difficult to find under the pile of meat.

This is a super common dish and can easily be found in Bogotá proper as well, but this carne llanera in particular came from El Cachilapo in Villavicencio.

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