Bread Knife

October 23, 2013

A bread knife is a serrated knife used for cutting bread.  They are usually six to eight inches in length.  This is one of the few knives where serration is standard.

As with most knives, a single piece of metal extending into the hilt is a sign of quality.  Hilts with handles that are not mechanically fastened together with screws or metal dowels tend to survive many years.

The edge and handle geometry shown on this particular bread knife is not the most ergonomic configuration.  Elevating the handle a few inches over the axis of the edge offers a more comfortable mechanical advantage when cutting bread for extended periods of time.

This illustration contributed to the production of the video “Gluten in the Baking Process” found here. The video was featured by the good people at Better Engineers, a now-defunct online magazine for engineers and scientists.

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