Pickled Kohlrabi

October 14, 2013

pickled kohlrabi

Kohlrabi commonly adorns plates in German-speaking countries but is a relative newcomer to the mainstream United States.  Most often, they appear at farmers’ markets, in CSA boxes, or maybe as gifts from gardeners.

As a consequence, many questions exist as to just how they should be prepared.

One way: they can be pickled.  Simply fill a container devoid of oxygen with the kohlrabi and a 5% (by weight) salt brine.  Lactobacillus bacteria will have them pickled in a week or two.  Add some beet root skins in a small tea bag for a deep red-purple color.  As a bonus, the color is an indication of the pickling action: a higher pH will tend toward a blue color.

There are some regions near the bottom of the vegetable that are too fibrous to eat.  They should be removed before pickling.  If used, dispose of the beet root skins as well.

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