Bug Soup

April 12, 2014

Bug Soup

Chef Imani Dabney prepared this dish for the Austin Future Food Salon put on by Alimentary Initiatives of Toronto and Little Herds of Austin.  The evening was all entomophagy.

The soup contains toasted insects, thus warranting its inclusion at the evening.  The bulk of the soup though is pureed squash.

The Austin Future Food Salon was housed in Brazos Hall in downtown Austin on February 19th, 2014.  The next Future Food Salon occurs in Montreal in August 2014.

Center map



  1. […] This is the second of three tastes Chef Dabney prepared for the evening. See previous: bug sqaush soup. […]

  2. Momma D says:

    I found each of Chef Dabney’s dishes – cricket soup, sliders and tasty spoon of greens w/cricket to be unique with a pop of crunch.

  3. Thane says:

    Hey Momma D–are you Imani’s mom? If so, I met you that night.

    I’m almost done drawing all three of her dishes from that night, but it’s been that way for over a year now. (:

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