Frejoa, Halved

May 17, 2014

halved frejoa

Frejoas have a slight banana fragrance upon cutting.  Their flesh is white but darkens as it ripens.

Ripening starts first at the four to five chambers within and expands outward very quickly.  Underripe fruits are bitter and largely inedible, but fruits ripen very quickly.  Constant collection is necessary to avoid consumption of overripe fruits.

The whole of the fruit is edible including the skin.  The gritty guava texture is nearest to the skin.  The slightly firmer flesh here also contains the majority of the fruits delightfully sour tastes.

This frejoa in particular came from a finca near Choachi in Colombia with an orchard of frejoa trees.  The producing trees were only three years old and about 12 feet tall.

Center map


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